What’s the difference between Clean Currents and Waterpower Week? Go here to find out. 

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    Waterpower Week 2022

    The industry's premier policy event, Waterpower Week 2022, will take place April 5-7 at the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC!

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    2022 NHA Midwest Regional Meeting

    Mark your calendar! On May 10-11, NHA will host the 2022 Midwest Regional Meeting, co-located with the Midwest Hydro Users Group.

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    2022 NHA Southeast Regional Meeting

    NHA will hold the 2022 Southeast Regional Meeting in Chattanooga, TN in December 2022.

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    2022 NHA Alaska Regional Meeting

    NHA will hold the 2022 Alaska Regional Meeting in Ketchikan, AK

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    Clean Currents 2022

    October 18-20, 2022 in Sacramento, CA: Support your Industry and Move Waterpower Forward in 2022.

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