Join NHA

Association Overview – Fast Facts 

Membership is corporate — no limit to the number of employees who can participate. ALL of your staff has access to NHA’s full suite of services at no additional cost.

NHA is member driven.

Member organizations get:

  • A vocal national champion for hydropower in all of its forms, including all marine energy technologies
  • An advocate for improved regulatory, legislative, and wholesale electricity markets policies for the hydropower industry
  • Lobbying on behalf of the industry, on Capitol Hill, at federal agencies, and within the administration on hydropower issues
  • Employee involvement, engagement, and education, through topic-focused committees and councils (see below for the list*)
    • By participating in the committees/councils, your employees work and learn alongside peers, clients, colleagues, and potential clients on issues important to them.
    • From this work, your employees have unique opportunities to learn, share industry expertise, network, and build strong relationships.
    • NHA’s Board of Directors use the input of the committees and councils to set the strategic plan of the organization.

NHA Committee and Council Topics*

  • Communicating Hydro’s Message to Various Constituencies
  • Hydraulic Power/Operational Excellence (includes plant operations and maintenance, dam safety, human safety)
  • Innovation/Research and Development (Waterpower Innovation Council)
  • Legal Affairs
  • Legislation
  • Marine Energy
  • Organizational Leadership (CEO Council)
  • Pumped Storage Development
  • Regulations/Licensing
  • Small Hydro
  • Wholesale Electricity Markets

Committees and councils are led by industry members and work through conference calls, emails, webcasts, and face-to-face meetings. There is no limit to the number of employees who can participate in any of these committees and councils.

What will NHA do for your organization? 

  • Advocate to preserve and expand hydropower in all its forms, including all marine energy technologies
  • Provide an avenue to ‘weigh in’ on a variety of issues important to your organization and forge industry attention on your current and/or emerging challenges
  • Connect your employees with other hydropower professionals, and create forums to build relationships and facilitate business
  • Provide insights to your employees about timely policy and industry developments
  • Create opportunities for member-to-member communication and connection (through the online Member Portal)
  • Conduct an annual safety survey of asset owners and share results with NHA members
  • Provide a tool to assist in managing aging assets, training your workforce, improving workplace safety, avoiding forced outages and reduce costs, and help avoid problematic events experienced by others
  • Get real-time information on operations issues from your peers
  • Offer discounts on cost of attending, exhibiting at, and/or sponsoring NHA-organized industry events (Clean Currents, Waterpower Week, Regional Meeting Series and others)
  • Promote your organization – at time of joining, each member is invited to provide an article for placement in the association’s member newsletter, NHA Member Playbook, introducing its organization to the entire membership and recognizing you as a leader in this market

By joining NHA, you put your organization ‘in the know’ on emerging issues and help your team proactively prepare for changing policies that undoubtedly will affect you.

What are the specific benefits my company and my employees get when we join NHA?

Reduced rates for attending, exhibiting at, and/or sponsoring:

  • Clean Currents, NHA’s new industry-wide tradeshow + conference
  • Waterpower Week, NHA’s premiere policy conference for the North American industry
  • Regional meetings held throughout the United States each year

Free organization listing with your company logo and company profile on NHA’s website.  Traffic is directed to your website through a link.  Buyers can use it as a resource for products and services offered by NHA members

Access to

  • NHA Portal, where employees can:
    • sign up for committees and councils
    • join discussions
    • connect with other members
    • manage their profiles
    • access member-only information
  • Member-only Operational Excellence (OpEx) online resource tool
    • Its purpose is for industry to learn from each other to improve operations, safety, environmental performance and reduce unplanned outages
    • Compilation of more than 250 event reports submitted by NHA member organizations at their hydro projects, resulting in more than 1,000 lessons learned and corrective actions
    • Only confidential event reporting program/database available in the hydropower industry
    • Serves as a clearinghouse of all hydropower operation-related information
    • Useful tool for improving operations, workplace safety, and a training resource
  • Subscription to a bi-weekly newsletter (e-mailed every other Wednesday), NHA Member Playbook, to keep your employees informed and up to date and to help plan their schedules

What does NHA membership cost?

Asset Owners: Annual membership dues are based on installed capacity of North American hydropower assets.

Product and Service Providers and Project or Technology Developers: Dues are based on only the North American hydropower portion of your revenues.


2024 Dues Categories for Product and Service Suppliers – Annual Revenue Ranges Dues
Platinum Leadership > $50 mil $34,067
Leadership $20 mil – $50 mil $25,149
Large $5 mil – $20 mil $19,884
Medium $1 mil – $5 mil $14,035
Established $ 500K – $1 mil $9,361
Small $250k – $500k $5,678
Supporting <$250k $2,922

The 2024 membership dues rate for Academic Institutions is $1,345.

Dues are based on a calendar year and will be prorated, based on the time of year you join.

Click here to begin the online application process.   

Where does your investment go?

Every dollar NHA receives from membership dues and fees for attending /exhibiting /sponsoring at NHA-organized events goes to:

  • Elevating waterpower’s voice in regulatory and market issues
  • Building NHA’s internal capacity to effectively engage on policy and affect change, including:
    • Reform of the U.S. federal licensing process
    • Tax credits and other incentives for new hydropower project development and capacity additions at existing facilities
  • Expanding NHA’s advocacy beyond federal advocacy to wholesale markets in specific regions throughout the U.S.
  • Cultivating new allies to achieve legislative priorities
  • Maintaining a unique event reporting program and database that receives, distributes, and catalogs hydro operating experiences, best practices, and lessons learned (OpEx)
  • Creating forums (both in person and virtual) for member employees to connect with other hydropower professionals, build relationships, learn from one another, and facilitate business
  • Building a “Hydro Academy” to offer continuing education for individuals working in the industry