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Waterpower Week in Washington

Hydropower professionals meet at Waterpower Week In Washington

“Membership in NHA provides value to Southern company in so many ways.  In addition to the regular flow of information we receive on legislative, regulatory, policy and other issues affecting the hydro industry, NHA provides a great platform to work with other members to address common concerns and work toward comment solutions. These and other benefits of NHA membership help us preserve and enhance the value of our Southern Company hydro projects, which allows us to better serve our customers.”

– Jim Crew, Manager Hydro Services, Southern Company Generation.

Membership Benefits

Membership is Corporate:
  • As an NHA Member Company, all of your staff will have access to our full suite of services. From networking opportunities to industry research, our NHA membership enables you to: 
Participate on an NHA Committee or Council: 
  • Government Affairs: Our Government Affairs program promotes hydropower as a vital energy option—a clean and important renewable technology. Our legislative and regulatory affairs committees champion hydropower before Congress and the federal agencies. Areas of focus include energy policy, tax incentives, renewable energy standards, regulatory process improvements, and investments in new technology.
  • Nuts and Bolts:  NHA’s Hydraulic Power Committee and Operational Excellence: Provides members a confidential setting for the industry to exchange critical information related to the technical, safety and environmental aspects of operating hydroelectric projects.
  • Technology and R&D: The National Hydropower Association’s Water Innovation Council (WIC) was formed in 2016 for the purpose of representing the hydropower industry’s research and development needs to the various research institutions. 
  • Communications: Our Public Affairs Committee spreads the word about the value of hydropower. By building strong relationships with local, national, and trade news media, the hydropower industry can educate federal and state policymakers and the public at large about the need to protect and expand this crucial electricity source. 
Gain Access:
  • NHA provides national, regional, and sector-specific conferences and opportunities that put you in touch with industry leaders, policy makers, and regulators as well as with potential new customers. These forums focus on the most critical issues facing our industry, provide new and creative solutions to challenges, and give you access to a wealth of information by connecting you to those who know — within the industry and government.
Stay in the Know:
  • NHA provides you with everything you need to know in our electronic newsletter and industry alerts — offering the latest information on regulatory and legislative policy, regional concerns, and issues on the horizon.

Special Speakers

Congressman Scott Perry (PA-4) discusses the value of hydropower at Waterpower Week.

What Does NHA Membership Offer You?

  • Industry information at your fingertips
  • Up to the minute Congressional updates
  • Coordinated work efforts with FERC and federal agencies
  • Opportunity to weigh in on regulatory and legislative policy issues
  • Access to leaders and colleagues within the industry
  • Unique networking with potential customers and clients
  • Discounted registration to all NHA events
  • Opportunities to increase your competitive edge

Just ask our members!

“With most of our focus necessarily directed to daily business, it’s invaluable to have such a great organization advocating for us as a group.”

– Mark Freeman, President, Steel-Fab, Inc.

“Being a member of NHA has helped our business in many ways.  The efforts of NHA to shape policies that help the hydro industry has allowed us to cost effectively upgrade a number of our hydro plants which provide our customers environmentally clean and affordable energy.  Even more importantly, NHA’s recent Operational Excellence initiative now provides a way for hydro operators to share their experiences for not only current operators, but for the new generation of people who work in the hydro industry.  In the end, we are able to transfer these benefits to our customers who continue to benefit from hydro power.”

– Steve Wenke, Chief Engineer, Avista