We’re a group of ambitious, young professionals using waterpower to work toward a future of clean, sustainable energy, guided by our values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.

Be part of the next generation leading waterpower. Joining is simple.

In the National Hydropower Association portal, login or create your profile.

In the side navigation, select ‘Committees & Councils.’

Click ‘Join’ next to Future Leaders of Waterpower (FLOW).

Wisdom goes that a single droplet makes ripples but together they can be as powerful as the ocean. We are a community of talented, diverse professionals supporting each other through sharing knowledge, events, and experiences. FLOW brings young leaders together to leverage resources, opportunities, and connections that advance careers and the whole waterpower industry.

Members of FLOW have opportunities to:

Speak at national and regional conferences

Author articles in POWERHOUSE, NHA’s media platform and the industry’s source for waterpower insights

Influence committees and future events

Attend events, networking opportunities, and workshops at a special rate

Meet and collaborate with high-profile industry leaders

Forge meaningful connections with colleagues

Join NHA and attend Clean Currents at a member discount

We’re always looking and listening for ways FLOW can evolve to best support our growing community. Watch this space for upcoming events and opportunities!

Clean energy solutions like waterpower are the future but much of the industry has to catch up with today. Technical and business innovations that advance the field call for new, forward-thinking leaders.

But the legacy of the nation’s first renewable resource and its close groups of leaders has been double-edged and made breaking into the business difficult. With a quarter of current energy workers predicted to retire in the next five years, we can’t wait for bright, fresh minds to trickle in.

We must actively and intentionally invest in talent from diverse communities to grow our industry and challenge us to be better.

NHA has made diversity, equity, and inclusion a strategic priority because we recognize its necessity for our sector’s sustainability. FLOW works to tear down barriers and create pathways for professional growth.

Together, we’re building the next wave of leaders, full of brilliant, different perspectives, who will make decisions with an eye towards benefitting all communities.