Outstanding Stewards of America’s Waters

The 2022 OSAW Award Cycle is closed. Winners will be announced at Clean Currents October 18-20!

The Outstanding Stewards of America’s Waters (OSAW) awards annually recognize deserving organizations in the waterpower industry for projects that exhibit exemplary operational, educational, historical, recreational, or environmental enhancement and stewardship. Each year, NHA presents the OSAW awards at Clean Currents. Learn more about the OSAW awards and submit an application for this year’s competition.

Dr. Kenneth Henwood Award

The 2022 Henwood Award Cycle is open! Applications close on August 1st.

The Dr. Kenneth Henwood Award, NHA’s highest individual honor, is presented annually to an individual within the waterpower industry who exhibits dedication to waterpower as an energy technology; persistence in the face of institutional obstacles; appreciation and understanding of the relationships among project engineering, environment and economics; a strong commitment for fair dealing and plain speaking; and uncommon energy, enthusiasm, and excitement as a leading force in the industry.


This annual award was created in 2008 by NHA Past Chairs to support future industry leaders as they complete their education.


This prestigious award is given to a member company that has blazed new pathways to strengthen and invigorate the waterpower industry.