National Hydropower Map

National Hydropower Map

Hydro Creates Jobs

Today, hydropower supports approximately 140,000 jobs. Through development on non-powered dams, upgrades and new pumped storage projects, we can create another 76,000 jobs hydropower related jobs.

Growth Potential

Hydropower can sustainably grow its current 101 gigawatts (GW) of capacity by nearly 50 GW by 2050.

  • 4.8 GW of new development on non-powered dams
  • 6.3 GW in upgrades on existing hydropower
  • 35.5 GW of new pumped storage projects
  • 1.75 GW in new stream-reach development
In the Pipeline

242 new hydropower projects with a capacity of 3.25 GW were in the U.S. development pipeline as of the end of 2016.