OpEx – NHA’s Operational Excellence Online Resource Tool

  • Trouble-shooting an operational issue?

  • Preparing for an “in the field” maintenance project?

  • Developing corrective actions to ensure worker safety?

  • Seeking environmental-related lessons learned?

Let the new OpEx Resource Tool work for you!

NHA knows its member organizations make Operational Excellence a top priority.

To help employees of member organizations achieve excellence in operational-related tasks and activities, NHA provides an online mobile-friendly tool that houses hundreds of short, easy-to-read reports about real-life incidents and near misses related to:

  • Maintenance
  • Operations
  • Safety (Dam Safety, Employee Safety, and Public Safety)
  • Environment

These reports can be easily referenced, searched, and shared by any employee of any NHA member organization.

OpEx is a proven trusted, and reliable tool that is invaluable for employee education, training, human performance, and safety.

“I received a BIG thank you from my fellow industry colleague who told me my OPEX submittal had saved them from a potential $1 million equipment failure. Making a difference feels pretty good!” — Scott Klabunde, Owner, HydroPartners


Lessons Learned and Recommended Best Practices

The OpEx Online Resource Tool is a treasure trove of lessons and recommended best practices!

Most Event Reports have at least one lesson learned or corrective action, providing valuable takeaways for the users.

Very useful for Engineers, Technicians, Plant Managers, Plant Operations Staff, Environmental Consultants, and Occupational Health and Safety Leaders to review Event Reports to learn, gain insight, and, ultimately, avoid costly and unsafe incidents and practices.

Users of the OpEx tool routinely find new ideas and approaches they can implement to augment maintenance work practices and checklists, drive down costs, and increase reliability.

Submitting an Event Report

Anyone can share details about an event that has occurred at a hydro project, manufacturing facility, or in the field. Sharing information and lessons learned is crucial to help raise the industry’s standard of performance, especially in a time of aging assets and workforce transition.

Submitting an Event Report is straightforward.

Click on the button on the right to download the form, and simply follow the instructions.

Or, if you prefer, NHA staff will do the work of filling out the form for you using information about the event you have already compiled. To get started, send your existing information to chris@hydro.org

Once an Event Report is submitted, NHA staff and contractors will review, categorize, and redact any sensitive information before placing it into the online resource tool.

Video Library

In addition to the Event Reports, the OpEx tool also includes a growing library of video recordings of 1-hour “lunch and learn” presentations.

These on-demand video resources are a great learning tool for staff.

Think of the OpEx video library as the YouTube for the Hydro Industry!



Access the OpEx Online Resource Tool

Employees of NHA Member Organizations can now quickly and easily access the new and improved OpEx Online Resource Tool with 2 easy steps!

Step 1: Log into the NHA Portal

Step 2: Click on the OpEx graphic