Waterpower Week 2023 Presentations

Thank you for attending Waterpower Week 2023 in Washington, DC May 8-10. Thank you to our sponsors for continued support of the waterpower industry and NHA’s work. Thank you to our moderators, speakers, and facilitators for making thoughtful discussion and knowledge transfer possible during this week.

Below are the presentations. Please note that not all speakers used presentations.

You can find the full detailed schedule here.

Day 1 – Monday, May 8

Marine Energy Sector Showcase
Plenary Session Presentation by the Hydropower Foundation
Show Me the Money: Tax Credits in the Inflation Reduction Act
Show Me the Money: A Focus on Hydro Incentives (Sections 242, 243, and 247)
Wholesale Electricity Markets Updates: Region by Region

Day 2 – Tuesday, May 9

Show Me the Money: Beyond Hydro Incentive Payments and Tax Credits — Additional Federal Funding Sources for Project Owners, Project Developers, and Technology Developers
Hydropower Research & Development Needs: Industry and the Environment
Creating a Narrative about Your Project’s Development or Operations: Using Standards and Certifications

Day 3 – Wednesday, May 10

Considerations for Voluntary Dam Removal
Show Me the Money: Direct Pay Provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act – How Can Public Power Benefit?
FERC Compliance: What’s New?
IEA Hydro: Sharing International Perspectives on Hydropower Value
Hydrogen and Waterpower: A Match Made in Heaven?
Uncommon Dialogue Workshop: Convening a New Working Group on Workforce Development (INVITE ONLY)