Help the Hydro Industry — Complete Workforce Survey by May 6

Help the Hydro Industry — Complete Workforce Survey by May 6

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Hydropower is key to a carbon-free future, and so are the people who will ensure the industry’s success.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Water Power Technologies Office, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and the Hydropower Foundation have created a survey to get a better understanding of the hydropower industry workforce.

By providing feedback, you help improve the DOE’s educational materials and initiatives, which will contribute toward building a strong, diverse pipeline of waterpower workers to support the growth and modernization of the industry.

By providing insight into diversity, equity, inclusion, operation, maintenance, dam safety, hydropower scheduling, construction, and supply chain jobs, you are helping develop an educational infrastructure to inspire and train future waterpower professionals.

The survey is also being used to update the “Workforce Development for U.S. Hydropower: Key Trends and Findings Report,” which offers critical insight into the health and future challenges facing the hydropower industry. Your feedback ensures the report reflects critical changes affecting today’s hydropower workforce.

Thank you for taking time to help inspire the next generation of hydropower professionals.

Click here to complete the survey by May 6, 2022.