Be Heard: Leverage Social Media at WPW & ICOE

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Be Heard: Leverage Social Media at WPW & ICOE


April 26, 2021


LeRoy Coleman, Director of Communications, NHA


Be Heard: Leverage Social Media at WPW & ICOE

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Hydropower and marine energy experts from around the world are converging virtually for two events – Waterpower Week and the International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE). The National Hydropower Association (NHA) is organizing both events. 

Throughout both events, important discussions will occur on topics ranging from hydropower’s role in wholesale electricity markets to financing new marine energy projects. Messages and viewpoints will be shared by industry, policy makers, regulators, and resource agencies. 

To help amplify these messages and viewpoints beyond the “virtual walls” of the events, NHA offers a useful tool that makes communicating on social media easy. 

The free tool – found here — features pre-populated posts that can be shared with, literally, one click of a button. 

For each day this week, the posts will focus on a specific theme – Infrastructure, Markets, Pumped Storage, Marine Energy. New posts will be added to the social media toolkit each day. 

Here’s a sampling of the types of messages you’ll find in the toolkit: 

  • Hydropower is #cleanenergy #infrastructure. Now is the time for Congress preserve and enhance the current hydropower fleet by passing new tax incentives to spur investments in dam safety, environmental improvements, pumped storage and grid flexibility. #WPW2021 
  • As America’s infrastructure, #hydropower has the potential to be an economic driver & a key source of resiliency for tomorrow’s zero-carbon electricity grid. Increasing hydro by 50 GW would result in a reduction of GHG emissions of 5.6 billion metric tons by 2050 #WPW2021 

Posting prepared messaging is just one way you can make your voice heard throughout the conferences. 

If you are attending one or both conferences, as you participate in educational sessions, we encourage you to use LinkedinTwitter, and Facebook to post what your hearing.