Solutions to Workforce Challenges

In the results of the recent “Ear to the River” industry survey, the No. 1 challenge for the industry is workforce, including worker shortages.

To solve this challenge, it’s crucial for the industry to fill the “next-generation” workforce pipeline.

And, there’s already a lot going on!

The table below provides an easy-to-digest list of existing programs, resources, and solutions that are helping students to learn and to get excited about water power technologies and to consider careers in this industry.

Click the links associated with each row for more information about that particular resource or program.

Ongoing Activities to Attract Students to Water Power

Resource or Solution Organization Administrator What is it? Learn More
Career Maps U.S. Department of Energy/National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) A tool for understanding opportunities and associated pathways of various work functions in water power. Learn More
Hiring for Hydro Hydropower Foundation A program that connects students interested in a hydropower career with the hydropower community. Learn More
Hydropower Collegiate Competition U.S. Department of Energy/National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) with Hydropower Foundation A national competition for undergraduate and graduate students. Learn More
Julie A. Keil Women in Hydro Scholarship Hydropower Foundation An annual $3,000 scholarship for a woman enrolled in an accredited college or univerity and majoring in a discipline relevant to entering the hydropower industry. Learn More
Past Chairs’ Legacy Scholarship National Hydropower Association An annual $2,500 scholarship awarded to a promising young person who demonstrates the academic skills and commitment to help create the next generation of leaders in the waterpower industry. Learn More
K-12 Programs and Curriculum National Energy Education Development (NEED) and KidWind via U.S. Department of Energy/National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Partnerships and Curricula Development to introduce students and teachers to waterpower through experiential learning. Learn More
STEM/Workforce Portal U.S. Department of Energy An Internet portal for teachers and students to use to find STEM training and workforce development opportunities. Learn More
Think Tank Hydropower Foundation A three-day competition for teams of post-secondary students from universities and trade schools to solve a hydropower challenge, hosted in a specific region of the United States. Learn More
WC 2 : Waterpower Club – Waterpower Community Partnership Hydropower Foundation A program to facilitate partnerships between higher education and the water power community, to help students connect to opportunities in the water power sector. Learn More


If you would like more information in general about ongoing workforce initiatives, email Joseph LoSasso, NHA’s Senior Manager of Industry Engagement here.

If you work for an NHA member organization and would like to assess where you are in your workforce challenges, arrange for a consultation with Joseph LoSasso. The link to his calendar to find a time convenient to you and to arrange a consultation is here.