Say Goodbye to Modernization Complications with a Turnkey Approach

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Say Goodbye to Modernization Complications with a Turnkey Approach


December 6, 2021


Alice Stage, Manager, Marketing and Strategic Segments, Eaton Corporation


Say Goodbye to Modernization Complications with a Turnkey Approach

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The upgrade of a hydroelectric plant requires extensive planning and expertise, having a profound impact on engineering and operation resources.  With the average hydroelectric plant operating for more than 68 years, this is a scenario facility managers and engineers find themselves in all too often.

A typical modernization project starts with an initial site assessment to identify current-state performance and recommendations, performing system studies to validate performance and needs, and creating the long-term vision for improved operational efficiency and reliability.  This vision must then be converted to a systematic, and cost-effective project to realize the benefits of an updated hydroelectric facility:

  • Smarter generation plants, with improved asset management, communication, performance, enabled through digitalization
  • Cybersecurity improvements to facilitate digitalization and ensure plant security requirements
  • Sustainability goals and decarbonization to support clean energy requirements
  • Hydropower plants integrated with other renewable energy resources such as wind and solar create an optimized energy delivery system

Executing the vision through project management

A turnkey solution delivers best-of-class capabilities that fulfill a range of hydroelectric facility projects. Project management is centrally coordinated management of all engineering disciplines, procurement, installation, startup, and commissioning of projects and offers a single point of accountability. There are advantages to a turnkey approach with both short- and long-term benefits:

The key to success is communication and transparency

Eaton believes in preparing a thorough communication plan with stakeholders specific to the project prior to commencement of any work.  It includes identification, prioritization, visualization/matrix, engaging, and monitoring of key project stakeholders and the methods to communicate with them.  While these participants may have unique needs, they all need to be part of the modernization upgrade conversation.

Our team has scheduled and timely discussions with clients to provide them with the updates regarding project team and their roles along with the expectations, project scope, schedule, and budgets.  The team efficiently documents the communication and shares it with the concerned parties to maintain transparency and reference point throughout the project lifecycle.  A crucial part of the communication and transparency is the continuous feedback – our team not only seeks feedback towards the end of the project, but also, throughout the project lifecycle during the timely calls with the client.

Considering the expense and coordination inherent in hydroelectric plant upgrade projects, it makes sense to rely on a dedicated, experienced engineering and project management team to oversee the process. With Eaton, you can avoid missed deadlines, going over budget, and the risk of extending past planned timeframes.

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