Clean Currents Workshops: Meeting the Critical Need for Hands-On Education

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Clean Currents Workshops: Meeting the Critical Need for Hands-On Education


October 3, 2022


Jeremy Chase-Israel, Content Development Specialist, NHA


Clean Currents Workshops: Meeting the Critical Need for Hands-On Education

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Training. Continuing Education. Professional Development.

These are all commonly identified needs of today’s waterpower industry. The employees with all the knowledge are retiring or resigning, and the new hires need to get up to speed quickly.

A major feature of the “for the industry, by the industry” Clean Currents conference + tradeshow, owned and organized by the National Hydropower Association, is education.

This year’s event starts with a focus on learning – attendees can choose from 10 ‘deep dive’ workshops on Tuesday afternoon, October 18. The Clean Currents Content Development Committee and NHA staff have identified critical topics to focus on in the workshops and recruited top-notch instructors.

With subject matter ranging from basin scale planning to self-advocacy in the workplace to how communicate waterpower’s message beyond the industry, Clean Currents has something for everyone.

Participation in the workshops are open to all attendees – no extra charges to participate.



Advocating for the Best You!This workshop delivers an interactive experience while addressing the important topics of self-advocacy and negotiation. By training attendees in tried-and-true methods for presenting oneself in career relationships, “Advocating for the Best You!” offers attendees insight into navigating the waterpower industry.

Basin-Scale Planning and Off-Site MitigationFor attendees looking to learn more about basin-scale planning for relicensing, planning, and resource management, the “Basin-Scale Planning and Off-Site Mitigation” workshop provides connection with a working group, which has made considerable progress in the areas of: Challenges to Basin-Scale Planning, Pathways to Success in Basin-Scale Licensing, and Outcomes and Lessons Learned. Participants will have the opportunity to provide feedback and share ideas with peers.

Communicating the Waterpower Message to ‘Beyond the Industry’ AudiencesUnderstanding how to tell hydropower’s story is important, and as attacks against hydropower grow in frequency and intensity, the need to advocate, message, and connect with the public and policymakers is critical. By learning how to craft resonant messages for audiences while leveraging your social media, the “Communicating the Waterpower Message to ‘Beyond the Industry’ Audiences” workshop is designed to empower all hydropower employees in broadcasting hydropower’s benefits.

Data – Maximize Its Value: Build a Customized Framework for SuccessDigitization is not a new concept to the hydro industry, as over the past decade, many organizations have invested in digital transformation (i.e., predictive analytics using sensor date and automation to optimize the power grid). Yet, even with all of these tools, digital initiatives fail at driving value. Participants in this workshop will walk away with a customized ‘Digital Transformation Framework,’ which will enable attendees to help guide their organizations or teams to maximize the value of their data collection.

Deploying New Technology: Why Are We Stuck?NHA’s Waterpower Innovation Council leadership have designed this workshop as an exploration into the importance of innovative technologies. By discussing the hindrance of innovation implementation in the conventional hydro sector, the workshop will equip attendees with direction about how the waterpower industry and government can support innovators, improve efficiency, and accelerate hydropower growth in the United States.

Doing Business with the U.S. Army Corps of EngineersAs the largest generator of hydropower in the United States, the Army Corps of Engineers is continually looking to buy products and services to keep hydro assets operating; however, companies wanting to sell their products and services to the Corps often face an overwhelming process. By attending this workshop, attendees will have the unique opportunity to gain insight on how to do business with the federal government, including current and future U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ prime and subcontracting opportunities.  

Effective Mentoring: How to Maximize the Mentor/Mentee RelationshipThis workshop has been designed for mentors, mentees, and for those who are interested in implementing a mentoring program. Attendees will learn what mentoring should, and should not, be, and how both parties can share and align expectations. By providing an interactive space, participants will be able to explore and discuss all aspects of mentoring, including best practices.

Hydropower Vision: Join the U.S. Department of Energy in Reimagining the Roadmap In 2016, a Hydropower Vision roadmap was created, outlining social, technological, and regulatory investments needed to secure a sustainable future for hydropower. Now is the time to revisit this roadmap … how has the journey progressed? In this participatory workshop, participants will engage in the reimagining of the vision.

Public Safety Around Dams: Federal Programs Undergoing Significant Change – Are You Prepared? With the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s recent amendment to its Part 12 Dam Safety regulations, which govern the safety of hydroelectric projects, major changes to dam owner’s public safety programs have occurred. This workshop is ideal for anyone responsible for hydroelectric projects, non-hydro dams, or consulting managers, as understanding this federal collective approach is critical because it demonstrates why the risk assessment-based approach is better for asset management.

Workplace Strategies to Retain and Motivate StaffThis workshop utilizes storytelling and case studies to help attendees improve and enhance their workplaces by collaborating to build teams and better understand communication styles, which can help remove barriers in the workplace. By focusing on employee purpose, supervisors connecting with their teams, and inter-team connection, participants will leave the workshop with tools they can put to work immediately.


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