A Major Overhaul & Hydro Modernization Achieves Greater Output & Performance

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A Major Overhaul & Hydro Modernization Achieves Greater Output & Performance


December 20, 2021


Ashby Ward, Operations Manager, & John Loubier, President, CEO TurbinePROs Field & Specialty Services


A Major Overhaul & Hydro Modernization Achieves Greater Output & Performance

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Due to deterioration and degradation of the OEM unit, a run-of-the-river hydro plant built in 1923 sought an alternate solution to ensure optimal condition. The turbines, manufactured by S. Morgan Smith, which are eclectic in nature and age, needed to be evaluated and refurbished. TurbinePROs Field Services executed a full refurbishment and modifications that included manufacturing of a new head cover and wicket gates. The result was greater output and enhanced operation post refurbishment.

Engineering & Fabrication of Head Cover & Manufacturing of New Wicket Gates

The vast array of contrasting welds from previous repairs on the head cover yielded failure points, which required engineering and fabrication of a new head cover. In addition, due to the age and degradation of OEM manufactured wicket gates, it was determined that engineering, design, and manufacturing of new wicket gates was needed.


Plant and Field Services Team Worked Closely to Minimize Downtime, Increase Efficiency, and Help Extend the Life of the Plant’s Equipment

TurbinePROs’ hydro field services team customized services to fit the plant’s specific project needs,  budget, and schedule. In addition, the key and craft labor workforce were chosen based on their unit-specific expertise. This approach streamlined solutions for plant staff and resulted in increased equipment efficiency, productive timeline, and positive impact on the plant’s bottom-line.

Outage Planning Streamlined Scope

From assessing the unit and planning the outage, TurbinePROs collaborated with plant operations to determine the scope, which included:

  • Detailed Outage Management
  • Major Overhaul
  • Modernization
  • Generator Testing & Repair
  • Sectionalized Inspections
  • Parts Reverse Engineering & Manufacturing
  • New Installations
  • Spherical Valve Maintenance/Refurbishment
  • Cavitation / Welding Repair
  • Commissioning
  • In-Place Machining
  • Line Boring
  • Complete Team: Project Managers, Safety, Quality, Technical Field Advisors, Field Supervisors, and All Craft Labor
  • Containerized Tooling

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John Loubier: jloubier@turbinepros.com

Ashby Ward: award@turbinepros.com