A Focus on Marine Energy at Waterpower Week in Washington

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A Focus on Marine Energy at Waterpower Week in Washington


February 11, 2024


Jeremy Chase-Israel, Content Development Specialist, National Hydropower Association


A Focus on Marine Energy at Waterpower Week in Washington

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During this year’s Waterpower Week in Washington D.C., (March 13 – 15, 2024) policy conference, the words “marine energy”  will be heard frequently.

Enormous strides in support of marine energy’s development were made in 2023, as California became the first U.S. state to pass marine energy-centric legislation into law in over a decade. California’s investment compliments National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) research, which determined that the state possesses the marine energy potential to power over 13 million homes each year.

The opportunity this clean energy technology enables is enormous; NREL estimates that, fully utilized, marine energy could provide almost 60% of the United States’ annual electricity needs. With other states pursuing tidal and wave energy legislation, complimented by historic funding by the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO), which last week announced $15.5 million in marine energy investments, now is the perfect time to learn more about this important technology and connect with the people dedicated to its success.


National Hydropower Association (NHA) understands marine energy’s significance and has devoted six sessions and one committee/council meeting to the topic at the upcoming Waterpower Week. These sessions are led by marine energy innovators and researchers, who will provide insight into the trends and emerging technologies shaping the industry; the speakers are:

  • Inna Braverman, Eco Wave Power
  • Pat Cross, University of Hawaii
  • Tom Cuthbert, Emrgy
  • Stuart Davies, ORPC
  • Cameron Fisher, 48 North Solutions
  • Robert Fourqurean, British Embassy, Washington, DC
  • Chris Lee, Tidal Energy Corp
  • Marcus Lehmann, CalWave
  • Ryan Ono, Ocean Conservancy
  • Tim Ramsey, DOE, WPTO
  • Philipp Stratmann, OPT
  • Kristi Terrasa, C-Power
  • Oliver Wragg, Orbital Marine

Check out the sessions on marine energy below:

  • Electricity from Marine Energy and Its Nexus with Hydrogen and Hydrogen Derivatives
  • Finding Funding for Marine Energy Powered Devices that Can Aid in National Security and Defense
  • Marine Energy: A Focus on Tidal
  • Marine Energy State-Level Advocacy – Success Stories, Lessons Learned, and How to Grow Support
  • Marine Energy: What Can We Learn from What’s Happening Around the World?
  • Wave Energy Operations and Maintenance Workshop – for Marine Energy Professionals


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