Resilient Alaskan Distribution system Improvements using Automation, Network analysis, Control, and Energy storage (RADIANCE)

This project aims to perform a full-scale regional deployment of advanced technologies and methods for resiliency-enhanced operation of regional distribution grid in the City of Cordova, AK under harsh weather, cyber-threats, and dynamic grid conditions. PNNL will lead the efforts for design, analysis and evaluation of communication networks, fault propagation, interoperability and communication protocols, including IEC 61850 (and associated standard IEC 62351), for loosely- and tightly-networked microgrids. PNNL’s expertise in advanced sensors such as micro-PMUs will be utilized in the project and aspects related to optimal placement of sensors in Cordova grid will be addressed in collaboration with SNL’s efforts for microgrid design and INL’s real-time CHIL and cyber-testing.