NHA Expresses Support for Water Power Research and Development Act

Statement by National Hydropower Association President and CEO Malcolm Woolf on the Water Power Research and Development Act

Washington, D.C. (August 13, 2020) –The following is a statement from Malcolm Woolf, President and CEO of the National Hydropower Association, expressing support for the Water Power Research and Development Act (H.R. 6084)

“NHA strongly supports and urges passage of the Water Power Research Development Act, H.R. 6084, a bipartisan bill that reauthorizes the activities of the Department of Energy’s Water Power Technologies Office.

“Hydropower, pumped storage and marine energy resources play a critical role as our country seeks to transition to a clean energy future and address the impacts of climate change. These resources provide affordable, renewable power to the electricity grid and help integrate greater amounts of variable wind and solar energy generation while maintaining grid reliability and resilience.

“H.R. 6084 ensures continued investments will be made to support further innovation and deployment of water power technologies and projects across the country. NHA appreciates the tremendous work of the bill’s co-sponsors and their commitment to the advancement of the industry, and encourages Congress to include this measure as part of any energy or innovation legislative package moving forward.”

NHA also sent a letter to U.S. House leadership urging them to bring an energy innovation package to the House floor this fall for a vote that includes the measure.