Northern California Power Agency

The Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) is a not-for-profit joint powers agency that represents and helps meet the power supply needs for its 16 member communities and districts in Northern and Central California.  NCPA was founded in 1968 as an agency through which community-owned utilities could prevent costly market abuses employed by private utilities at that time, and to make investments to create an affordable, reliable and clean future energy supply for the nearly 700,000 electric ratepayers they collectively serve.

NCPA has a longstanding commitment to the generation of electricity from environmentally-responsible sources, and owns and operates several power plants that together comprise a 95% emission-free generation portfolio.  NCPA’s five hydroelectric generation plants— which produce up to 252 megawatts of power—incorporate the latest state-of-the-art environmental technologies and mitigation techniques, and plays a central role in their members‘ 50% carbon-free combined resource portfolio.