7.17.19 WIC/DOE’s Hydropower Webinar Series: Archimedes Turbine

July 17th - July 17th

NHA members, the Waterpower Innovation Council has joined with the DOE in presenting the Department of Energy’s Hydropower R&D Highlights Webinar Series. Our next webinar presents Optimized Composite Prototype for Archimedes Turbine Manufacture with Sharon Atkin of Percheron Power, LLC on Wednesday, July 17th, 2019, from 2:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Percheron Power, LLC is developing next-generation Archimedes Hydrodynamic Screw (AHS) turbines using advanced components and composite materials. Composed of composite materials made from an advanced manufacturing technique known as Light Resin Transfer Molding, Percheron’s componets are lighter than more traditional alternatives and  are easily replicable. By transforming the current AHS technology for rapid deployment in the United States, Percheron hopes to reduce LCOE and overcome the limitations of steel turbines.

Please be sure to join us in viewing this informative presentation!

Note: This webinar series is only available to NHA members. Information to access the webinar is mailed to NHA members. If you did not receive an email containing instructions for accessing the webinar, please contact at Luciana@hydro.org.

Schedule of future webinars within the Dept. of Energy’s Hydropower R&D Highlights Webinar Series:

8.21.2019 – Solid State Processing – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – Ken Ross

9.18.2019 – Rapidly Deployable, Advanced, Integrated Low-Head Hydropower Turbine and Generator System Prototype – Pennsylvania State University – Rajesh Dahm