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Wave Power - A Key to Transition to 100% Renewable

Wave energy and other marine energy technologies are missing links to meeting U.S. decarbonization goals. With the potential to power millions of homes, marine energy is part of reaching a clean energy future.

Unpacking the Inflation Reduction Act

NHA secured significant waterpower provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act. Click here to find out more on what the Inflation Reduction Act means for waterpower investments.



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America’s first renewable provides clean, carbon-free energy to roughly 30 million homes, and 40 percent of U.S. renewable electricity, all while providing the flexibility needed to integrate increasing amounts of wind and solar onto the grid.

Pumped Storage

Pumped storage is the nation’s "water battery". Representing 92 percent of energy storage in America, it helps to balance the flow of power across transmission networks by absorbing excess when electricity demand is low and releasing it when it increases.

Marine Energy

Marine Energy - America’s next gen renewable - consists of wave, tidal, ocean current, riverine, and ocean thermal energy conversion/salinity gradients technologies, all capable of providing predictable, consistent and affordable clean electricity.

Hydropower Is Clean, Renewable Energy

For more than a century, Hydropower has generated clean, renewable electricity. The history of hydropower is deeply woven within the fabric of communities throughout this nation. It powered the textile mills in Lowell, Massachusetts during the Industrial Revolution, and produced the electricity needed to make aluminum for the U.S. military in World War II. And, in addition to homes and businesses, it provides tech companies and data centers with affordable and reliable energy. Today stands ready to build a more resilient, sustainable economy powered by a carbon free electricity grid.

Make Your Voice Heard in Congress

Support the Water Power Economic Recovery Package

Congress must make hydropower a priority by investing in new and existing infrastructure and putting critical tax incentives in place to spur investment.

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Support Hydropower's Production Incentive Program

Tell Congress to development on existing non-powered dams.

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Tell Congress to Fund Marine Energy

The commercialization of marine energy technologies represents an opportunity for the nation to meet clean energy needs.

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