“I’m for hydropower because I’m an environmentalist.”

– Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu, March 2010

Hydropower is Renewable


The United States produces more electricity from hydropower than from any other renewable electricity source — it accounted for 52 percent of renewable generation in 2013 and 7 percent of the nation’s overall electricity generation. Water is a resource that is constantly being renewed by the earth’s water cycle. Hydropower taps into this cycle, harnessing the power of our own free and clean moving waters to produce electricity with little to no impact on air quality.

An essential part of the nation’s energy mix, hydro has an important role to play in meeting the goals of state and federal renewable energy policies. Inclusion and recognition of hydropower under these policies maximizes the technology’s potential and effectiveness. It is an energy source that has proven bipartisan support. Policies incentivizing pumped storage and small hydro facilities and other expansions of hydro resources can increase the nation’s much-needed supply of domestic, renewable electricity.