Marycella Dumlao, CMP

Marycella Dumlao, CMP

Marycella Dumlao is a Meeting Planner and the lead on NHA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts. She is a multifaceted event planning professional with diverse and progressive experience in strategic planning of all phases of the implementation of executive level events, such as reverse trade missions, business briefings, workshops, conferences, and training programs. Prior to joining NHA, she worked at Maritz Global Events, a large event-management firm, where she worked on conferences as small as 30 people to tradeshows with over 130,000 attendees.

Marycella handles logistics for regional meetings and other NHA events, including Waterpower Week in Washington and Clean Currents.

She leads NHA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts.

Marycella is also the supporting NHA staff personnel for NHA’s newest ad-hoc group, Future Leaders of Waterpower (FLOW).

Marycella lives in Washington, DC with her dog and spends her free time biking around the city. She is a brown belt in judo.