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Thank you for considering submittal of your research within the National Hydropower Association’s (NHA) Waterpower Research Portal (WaRP). Once submitted, research information provided to NHA will enter into a review process. This is typically a two-week process, within which, NHA may contact you with questions and/or a request for additional information. Submittal of research does not guarantee posting within WaRP.


The Waterpower Research Portal (WaRP) is intended to be a resource for learning about current hydropower and hydropower-related research. By including content on the WaRP, the National Hydropower does not necessarily endorse or promote the research featured within the WaRP.

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the research housed within the Waterpower Research Portal (WaRP) belong solely to the authors, and not to the National Hydropower Association, its membership, leadership or employees

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