New American Rivers CEO, Tribal Attorney Share Views at Next Month’s Waterpower Week

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New American Rivers CEO, Tribal Attorney Share Views at Next Month’s Waterpower Week


March 22, 2021


New American Rivers CEO, Tribal Attorney Share Views at Next Month’s Waterpower Week

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 For the past 7 months, the river and climate communitiesTribal nations, and the hydropower industry have been working together to jointly advance both climate and conservation goals. 

In late April, representatives from these groups will share their views about progress to date on this effort 

On Tuesday, April 27, during a special general session during virtual Waterpower Week, representatives from these groups will explore the increased role that hydropower can play in decarbonizing the grid, and how it can be accomplished in a way that bolsters the health and vitality of our nation’s rivers. 

The session, Opening Plenary Panel: Uncommon Dialogue: Vision for Hydropower in a Clean Energy World, features the following individuals: 

  • Steve Clemmer, Director of Energy Research & Analysis, Climate & Energy Program, Union of Concerned Scientists 
  • Tom Kiernan, President & CEO, American Rivers  
  • Mary J. Pavel, Attorney at Law of Sonosky, Chambers, Sachse, Endreson & Perry, LLP 
  • Dan Reicher, Senior Research Scholar, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University 
  • Malcolm Woolf, President & CEO, National Hydropower Association (NHA) 

Genesis of the Conversation 

In October 2020, a Joint Statement of Collaboration on Hydropower was unveiled by the National Hydropower Association (NHA) and river and environmental communities, including American Rivers, Union of Concerned Scientists, and the World Wildlife Fund. The result of over two-and-a-half years of discussion, the Joint Statement recognizes hydropower as a renewable energy resource that is essential to any climate solution. 

As part of the historic statement, the groups agreed to work together to identify and implement specific action items that will: 

  • Improve federal hydropower licensing, relicensing, and license surrender processes 
  • Improve the measurement, valuation and compensation for hydropower flexibility and reliability services, as well as the support for enhanced environmental performance 
  • Advocate for improved U.S. dam safety 
  • Accelerate development of hydropower technologies and practices to improve generation efficiency, environmental performance, and solar and wind integration 
  • Increase Basin-Scale Decision-Making and Access to River-Related Data 
  • Advance Effective River Restoration through Improved Off-Site Mitigation Strategies 
  • Advocate for Increased Funding for U.S. Dam Rehabilitation, Retrofits and Removals 


What this Conversation Means to Hydro 

According to NHA, the Uncommon Dialogue positions the hydropower industry for success. I believe there is common ground we are finding that will allow us to bolster the health and vitality of our nation’s rivers while also maximizing the nation’s hydropower resources to address climate change,“ says NHA CEO Malcolm Woolf. 

Registration is now open for the virtual Waterpower Week. “Early bird” rates are available through the end of March. 

The three-day event consists of informational panel discussions, speakers of the day, a virtual exhibit hall, and plenty of informal networking opportunities. 

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