Join February 2 Discussion on Applying Digital Tools to Modernize Aging Hydro Fleets

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Join February 2 Discussion on Applying Digital Tools to Modernize Aging Hydro Fleets


February 1, 2021


Luciana Ciocci, Manager of Technical Services, NHA


Join February 2 Discussion on Applying Digital Tools to Modernize Aging Hydro Fleets

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Hydro plant owners are looking to get more out of their existing – and aging – hydropower assets. Through modernization and the use of data analytics, owners can enhance operational efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and outages, increase service reliability and effective knowledge transfer, and enable more valuable operational modes.

However, modernization, including use of data analytics, is no easy task. To be able to make data-driven decisions, the plant owner has a heavy lift. The work involves creating and implementing processes for acquiring, qualifying, archiving, analyzing, and sharing data and results.

One approach is to create a digital “twin” of a plant – by obtaining asset-related data and then using that data to create a digital replica model of the physical asset. Building this twin requires design, manufacturing, inspection, repair, sensor, and operational data.

Once built, the twin can allow asset owners to manipulate digital asset conditions for scenario planning without interfering with the operation of the physical asset. Use of the twin to make operational decisions can lead to reduced outages, improved operations, and ability to better manage the requirements of a market balancer (e.g., regional transmission organization (RTO) or power marketing administration (PMA).

On Tuesday, February 2, at 1 p.m. (eastern), the hydro industry and government researchers will come together in a 1-hour virtual seminar to have an open and frank discussion about the benefits and challenges of developing digital twins for hydropower plants. Attendees also will hear about recent efforts to create a hydro industry-focused Digital Twin Framework.

The seminar, organized by the National Hydropower Association, is publicly available and free to attend. To join the discussion, simply RSVP.

Who’s Speaking in the February 2 Seminar:

Hydropower Asset Owner

  • Chelan County Public Utility District

Equipment Manufacturer

  • General Electric, Industrial Artificial Intelligence Division


  • U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)


With advances in software and analytic capabilities, virtual reality, and three-dimensional printing, the hydro industry now has access to innovative tools that can be used to improve design and operations. Without a doubt, hydro is now in the digital age.

Intelligent applications of these tools can save thousands of dollars per megawatt per year in reduced maintenance costs, improved asset life and higher operational efficiency. Join the discussion on February 2 to learn more.