Georgia Power to Host First-Ever Clean Currents Conference + Tradeshow

Georgia Power to Host First-Ever Clean Currents Conference + Tradeshow

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Clean Currents 2022

As the hundreds of individuals attending the inaugural Clean Currents annual tradeshow + conference safely gather in Atlanta, they will be greeted by the southern hospitality of host Georgia Power.

Georgia Power, owned by Southern Company, takes pride in what it has helped Georgia accomplish and have confidence that we will continue to be a positive force in the state. “Georgia Power has definitely been a positive force in making this new ‘for the industry, by the industry’ annual event come to fruition,” said Malcolm Woolf, president and CEO of the National Hydropower Association, the event’s owner and organizer. “We are looking forward to coming together in Atlanta.”

Herbie Johnson, general manager for hydro at Southern Company, is passionate about the importance of this new event and what it can do for the industry.

About Georgia Power

Georgia Power is the largest subsidiary of Southern Company, one of the United States’ leading energy providers. Georgia Power serves more than 2.5 million residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

The utility owns and operates 14,363 MW of power capacity; its portfolio mix is diverse – gas/oil, nuclear, coal, hydro, and other renewables. Of the total, hydro contributes about 1,100 MW.

While hydropower is only 3% of the utility’s energy mix, it’s an important contributor. For example, the reservoirs associated with the hydro facilities lead to Georgia Power being the largest non-governmental provider of recreational facilities in the state of Georgia. The flexibility of its hydro assets also enables the utility to add significant amounts of solar to its energy mix.

Contributions during the Week of Clean Currents

Throughout the week of October 18, Southern Company, Georgia Power, and Alabama Power are contributing in a variety of ways:

Monday, October 18: Georgia Power is hosting the 43rd Annual Joint Hydro Meeting of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Alabama Power, Georgia Power, and the Southeastern Power Administration (SEPA).

Monday, October 18: contributed to organization of the Hydropower Foundation Golf Tournament

Tuesday, October 19: Georgia Power is hosting tours of its Wallace Dam and Rock Hawk Effigy and Trail System and its Morgan Fall hydro plant

Wednesday, October 20: Stan W. Connally Jr., Executive Vice President of Operations at Southern Company and CEO of Southern Company Services, Inc., is participating in a panel discussion during the Day 1 Plenary Session on the topic of: Innovation and Technology Advances: Why It Matters for Waterpower

Wednesday evening, October 20: Georgia Power is hosting the event-wide Homecoming Party at the College Football Hall of Fame. The hall of fame features a new exhibit, made possible by Southern Company, that celebrates all aspects of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and their impact – past, present and future.

Wednesday, October 20, and Thursday, October 21: Georgia Power is joining the U.S. Department of Energy and GE Renewable Energy to power the Innovation Power House at the event. This space, in the center of the event, will showcase innovative solutions, thought leadership, and exclusive educational opportunities to ensure that the advantages of waterpower remain relevant long into the future.

Wednesday, October 20, through Friday morning, October 22: XXX individuals from Southern Company, Alabama Power, and Georgia Power

The six speakers from Southern are among approximately 150 speakers featured at the event.