Game-Changing Unity: Clean Currents 2021

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Game-Changing Unity: Clean Currents 2021


May 17, 2021


Malcolm Woolf, President and CEO, National Hydropower Association


Game-Changing Unity: Clean Currents 2021

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Waterpower’s important role in the proposed U.S. transition to a clean energy grid has been firmly established, and for the waterpower community, a game-changing component of this transition is Clean Currents 2021. Clean Currents is the all-new National Hydropower Association (NHA) flagship tradeshow and conference event being presented October 20-22 in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Conceived, planned and presented BY and FOR frontline members in today’s waterpower industry, Clean Currents 2021 directly addresses the strategic and practical priorities for achieving innovation, growth and success in today’s new era of opportunity. 


NHA members represent 85 percent of North America’s waterpower and nobody knows more about what their companies and their 68,000 employees need and want than they themselves do. Through NHA and Clean Currents 2021, they leverage their collective knowledge and experience to understand and respond to the dynamic new changes, challenges and choices that are emerging in this new era. 

Experienced and informed industry innovatorsare being proactively recruited to lead Clean Currents 2021 sessions and programs. They are zeroing-in on the issues and topics that are most important to today’s waterpower professionals and companies. These include asset operations and operating excellence, new technologies, next-generation innovations such as marine energy, emerging markets, environmental studies, safety, workforce development and more. 


The approach to education at Clean Currents 2021 is unlike anything our members have experienced in the past. The member-driven agenda fuses today’s talent with tomorrow’s opportunities. 

In addition to traditional speakers and classroom sessions, Clean Currents 2021 embraces unique and interactive approaches to educational programming and intelligent network building. Expect hands-on tours, workshops, informal roundtables, asset-owner-only discussions, panel discussions, formal technical presentations, how-to exhibits, informal social and networking forums, and more. 


The waterpower community’s strong commitment to Clean Currents 2021 underscores NHA’s leadership in ensuring waterpower’s place in the changing energy landscape. By taking control of our own destiny, our waterpower professionals and companies will benefit directly from the event’s success. 

Clean Currents 2021 expands our sphere of influence, raises our voice of authority, heightens our profile, strengthens our impact and creates an important new revenue stream. Because NHA is the only not-for-profit membership organization devoted exclusively to the advancement of waterpower, all financial gain is reinvested into NHA programs, products, services and events that directly serve the interests of conventional hydropower, pumped storage, small hydro and marine energy. 

These new financial resources will boost NHA’s ability to solidify waterpower’s premier position among wind, solar and other alternatives as a clean, safe, affordable and reliable energy source that efficiently serves emerging environmental, energy and economic policy objectives. 

For more information about Clean Currents 2021 and its program, working groups, exhibitors, sponsors, registration and travel, visit Register before August 16 and save.