Clean Currents: For the Industry, By the Industry — And Welcoming Much of the Industry in October

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Clean Currents: For the Industry, By the Industry — And Welcoming Much of the Industry in October


September 20, 2021


Clean Currents: For the Industry, By the Industry — And Welcoming Much of the Industry in October

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A diverse cross-section of the waterpower world will be in Atlanta for the Clean Currents Conference + Tradeshow

The Clean Currents Conference + Tradeshow is a first of its kind, and it’s garnering great attention from the industry it represents.

Because Clean Currents is a hydropower conference that serves the industry that supports it— this all-new clean energy event has attracted attendees from across the full waterpower spectrum, with job titles as diverse as the industry.

For example, more than 70 percent of the installed hydro capacity in the U.S. is represented at Clean Currents. Additionally, the people who are shaping waterpower’s future —the decision makers — will be present to talk about what’s next. In fact, 60 percent of attendees are leaders in their organizations.

With attendees like this, conversations are going to happen, and the organizers of Clean Currents are making sure! The Innovation Power House will host more than 20 events designed to facilitate discussions among asset owners, leaders in water power, and those who are looking to help shape the future of water power.

“This is a huge opportunity to do business … to actually solve problems, create opportunities, and deal with challenges that other people might be facing. It could be best practices, it could be new things that are happening, that we’re sharing with people,” says Mike Haynes, Chief Operating Officer, Seattle City Light.

From attorneys to hydrologists, Clean Currents appeals to the full waterpower community — conventional hydropower, pumped storage, small hydro, and marine energy. Another 36 percent of attendees are subject matter experts, working in engineering, operations and/or maintenance, and regulatory-related activities. 

Our Educational Makeup is Just as Diverse

With more than 16 professional development hours available and 120 speakers and session leaders from across the industry, Clean Currents lives up to its promise to be for everyone.

Operations, maintenance, safety, business/market opportunities, and environmental concerns are among the topics that industry members will dive into.

Of the speakers and session leaders, 40 percent of them work for project developers or asset owners and nearly 70 percent are in leadership positions in their companies. In fact, 20 session leaders or speakers have the title CEO, COO, or President. And a quarter of the speakers are experts on a wide range of topics, including construction, cybersecurity, dam safety, regulations, water resources, training, and turbomachinery.

The nearly 50 sessions are based on industry feedback with educational topics requested by attendees:

  • If you’re an Engineer, Clean Currents offers 23 sessions for you!
  • If you’re a Subject Matter Expert, we have 20 sessions for you!
  • If you’re a General Manager, we have more than 20 sessions for you!
  • If you’re a Plant Manager, we have nearly 15 sessions for you!
  • If you’re in Executive Leadership, we have nearly 20 sessions for you!

Plus, Technology and Innovation Exchanges will take place in the Innovation Demonstration stations throughout Wednesday and Thursday.

And, in the Marine Energy Learning Center, more than a dozen posters will be on display, showcasing the cutting-edge work occurring in this sector of the industry. Poster authors will be on hand to share the highlights of their work in scheduled “Lightning Talks” in the Learning Center.

“We are excited that the NHA — the hydropower champion — has created Clean Currents to continue promoting the growth of clean, renewable hydropower. We are thrilled that this event will focus on all aspects of our industry and will benefit all companies that are passionate about hydropower,” said Russ Sanford, Chief Marketing Officer, Kleinschmidt.

 And Our Exhibitors are from Across the Board

More than 90 exhibitors will showcase the best of hydropower innovation in the industry. The exhibitors themselves represent a cross section of the industry and business type, from major corporations to start ups.

Join the Hydropower Homecoming

It’s no surprise that Clean Currents is a hydropower homecoming. Much of the industry has already decided to take this opportunity to reconnect with friends and colleagues from every corner of the industry.

If you haven’t already, be sure to register. We’ll see you in October!