Make the Most of Your Time at Clean Currents

Make the Most of Your Time at Clean Currents

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Five weeks from now, Clean Currents, the National Hydropower Association’s waterpower tradeshow + conference, will take place in Sacramento, California.

The entire week is dedicated to bringing professionals working in the waterpower industry, as well as those affecting the work of the industry, together to meet, learn, exchange ideas, and solve challenges.

NHA recognizes that every professional’s time is critical. When a person travels, he or she wants to be as efficient as possible and make the most of the time away from day-to-day responsibilities.

As such, as part of the Clean Currents week, the idea is to create opportunities for a variety of organizations, institutes, and associations to hold their business meetings. That way, participants can attend the relevant meetings as well as attend Clean Currents.

Co-Located Meetings and Events

Groups holding meetings for their members, boards, and interested participants during the week are:

In addition to these meetings, several groups are organizing special workshops. The groups holding workshops include:

Content Relevant to You

With a robust schedule spanning three days, the experience at Clean Currents is defined by an attendee’s interests. From very informal roundtable dialogue discussions to ‘show-and-tell’ like technology demonstrations to more formal classroom technical presentations, Clean Currents prides itself on offering something for everyone.

Specialized filters have been designed to complement a range of job functions – engineers, regulatory specialists, subject matter experts, etc. – enabling attendees to search through the detailed schedule to identify sessions which align with their interests and careers.



By registering for Clean Currents, taking advantage of the detailed schedule, and developing a plan for the conference + tradeshow, attendees can proactively pre-plan to make the most of their time in Sacramento this October.