Join NHA’s Rapid Response Policy Team

As an association, NHA is laser-focused on bolstering advocacy efforts on legislative, regulatory and markets issues. Achieving success in these areas, however, starts with better leveraging our industry’s knowledge base.

Last year, we established the NHA Rapid Response Policy Team (RRPT) to advise NHA staff on implementation of the Board’s policy priorities.

With a successful first year under our belt, we are deepening the scope of the RRPT for 2021 to reflect NHA’s policy priorities and take full advantage of our member’s expertise. Within the RRPT, we are launching three Working Groups:

  • Tax
  • License Reform
  • Climate/Clean Energy Standards

The formation of the Working Groups will enable RRPT members to take a deeper dive on issues they are interested in.

RRPT members play a vital role in assisting our staff in advancing our advocacy efforts, which will focus on six drivers of potential growth for hydropower, specifically:

  • Streamlining the licensing process through a new bipartisan reform effort
  • Seeking parity in Congress (in tax treatment, appropriations and other technology-inclusive bills);
  • Shaping potential carbon pricing at the federal, state and/or RTO level;
  • Obtaining full market valuation of hydropower’s attributes (such as flexibility, reliability and resiliency, black start and carbon-free generation) in RTOs and ISOs
  • Raising the profile of hydropower “Beyond the Beltway,” leveraging Governors’ energy advisors and state political umbrella groups such as the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissions and the National Association of State Energy Officials

How Does the Rapid Response Policy Team Work?

The Policy Team is designed to create greater accountability and transparency in NHA’s policy development process. Members of the Policy Team would be responsible for helping NHA staff:

  • Evaluate potential policy opportunities and threats, guided by the factors in NHA’s Policy Development Process document
  • Provide consistent policy perspective across NHA organization
  • Prioritize among policy opportunities to inform NHA’s level of effort
  • Seek input from affected NHA committees, councils, and/or state and regional members as appropriate
  • Prepare recommendations to NHA’s Board on issues of first impression

Why Should My Company Be Interested?

Participating on the Policy Team offers members:

  • Priority access to quickly-evolving policy intelligence
  • Expanded visibility across various committees & councils (e.g., legislative, regulatory, markets, pumped storage, small hydro, marine energy)
  • Opportunity for deeper engagement with NHA
  • Greater ability to influence NHA’s policy advocacy activities

Who Will Be Represented on the Policy Team?

With over 600 individuals currently on NHA’s Legislative Committee, we’ve grown too large to simply ask for volunteers. To maximize our effectiveness, we need a small group that can be nimble to help NHA respond quickly to policy opportunities and threats.

As such, our goal is to create a Rapid Response Team that is representative of our broad and diverse membership, including traditional generators, pumped storage, small hydro, and marine energy technologies.

We are seeking to recruit member companies that encourage regional balance and sector representation from manufacturers, suppliers, developers, public and private utilities, and independent power producers.

NHA will actively recruit members if it finds gaps in representation.

Tiered Payment Structure

How Do We Join?

The Rapid Response Policy Team is an opportunity to role up your sleeves and make your voice heard on issues facing our industry. NHA is offering participation as a voluntary membership upgrade, with a tiered payment structure.

To join the Policy Team, or obtain more information, please contact Diane Lear at Diane@hydro.org.