A Deep-Water MHK Shakedown Tank

This project will design, execute modifications and upgrades the existing infrastructures at Sandia National Laboratories (Sandia) to accommodate 1) shakedown testing of marine energy (ME) systems (task 1), and 2) structural testing of belt and rope components used in ME systems (task 2). Once complete, the shakedown testing facility will function as a crucial shakedown test site for developers at a high TRLs prior to at-sea deployments. The Sandia Lake facility will target shakedown testing to reduce the risk and cost of at-sea deployments. The belt and rope testing facility will enable short- and long-term structural testing to understand the mechanical properties and technical limitations of not only belt and rope materials, but also the stitching or clamping at the end of the belt or rope, which is known as a potential weak link in a previous study. The facility will help determine the reliability and maintenance requirement of belt and rope components, and thereby reduce the risk of at-sea deployments