NHA Announces New Industry Tradeshow and Conference: Clean Currents

National Hydropower Association Announces New Industry Tradeshow and Conference; Clean Currents is Coming to Atlanta 2021

(March 27, 2020) Washington, D.C. – With an eye towards 2021, and confidence in the nation’s ability to address COVID-19, the National Hydropower Association today announced the creation of Clean Currents, a new industry-led tradeshow and conference that will bring all waterpower technologies together – conventional hydropower, pumped storage, small hydro, and marine energy.

Clean Currents 2021, which will be held October 20-22 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, marks the evolution and growth of the waterpower industry. For the first time, NHA, the industry’s trade association since 1983, is going to own and operate its own tradeshow and conference to bring together the full array of waterpower technology companies, including utility generators, public power providers, equipment manufacturers, and engineering and technical consultants, in one conference that supports the entire U.S. hydropower energy industry.

“Waterpower is an essential part of a flexible, carbon-free electricity grid, and Clean Currents 2021 will serve as a hub for our industry to move waterpower technologies forward,” said Malcolm Woolf, NHA’s President and CEO.  “Clean Currents 2021 will represent every sector of the waterpower industry, and we are pleased to have the early support and backing of traditional hydropower generators, pumped storage operators, small hydropower developers, and cutting-edge marine energy start-ups.”

“Hydropower serves an important part of the energy mix for Georgia Power, and we are thrilled to serve as the host for the Clean Currents 2021,” said Herbie Johnson, General Manager at Southern Company. “NHA is the voice of the waterpower industry, and we are pleased to support the Association’s efforts to grow waterpower and marine energy.” 

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About NHA: NHA is a national non-profit trade association dedicated exclusively to advancing the interests of the U.S. hydropower industry, including conventional, pumped storage, small hydro and new marine and hydrokinetic technologies. NHA’s membership consists of 250 organizations, including consumer-owned utilities, investor-owned utilities, independent power producers, developers, equipment manufacturers, environmental and engineering firms, and attorneys.