Sapere Consulting, Inc.

Sapere Consulting advises utilities, project developers and vendors in the hydroelectric industry; providing transformational solutions and transactional services that improve or enable their organizations to thrive, survive, compete or comply. We help our clients to think critically, to seek improvement and work to guide problem identification and resolution. We do this by providing the experience, foresight and understanding to:

  • See the coming changes that can impact the hydroelectric industry;
  • Anticipate how issues will impact our clients’ generation, power supply and environmental organizations and what decisions must be made to address those issues; and
  • Define and guide the necessary change to achieve the desired improvement and mitigate negative impacts to our clients’ business and organization.

At Sapere, we understand just how difficult it can be to adapt to these seismic changes. Even the most successful utilities, project developers or vendors benefit from advice for working within the changing constraints and new opportunities of today’s energy business; such as improving asset investment decisions and implementation to improve return on investment; leveraging data as an asset to improve operational decision-making; or addressing electrical market transformations. Getting there requires insight, technology and experience.

At Sapere, we thrive in these changing conditions, and enjoy helping our clients do the same.