National Electric Coil

Every generator owner faced with a generator emergency or a planned outage has unique project needs. A National Electric Coil generator solution is a Total Generator Solution, crafted for each owner and each generator. Our goal is to meet your needs with the quality manufacturing and responsive services of a world-class generator solutions provider.

During nearly a century of business, NEC has evolved from a manufacturer of a diverse range of light and heavy electrical equipment to a specialist in the repair, retrofit and overhaul of large high-voltage generators. But we have not left our manufacturing roots behind. On the contrary, we have improved and refocused them to respond to the demands and needs of today’s power industry. Modernization, expansions and realignments of manufacturing lines at both of our Texas and Ohio facilities, implementation of ISO-certified quality programs, and expansions of our testing and research facilities are just a few of the changes made over the last 15 years to better-align our resource’s with those of generator owners.