Since 1974 CFM/VR-TESCO has provided a complete range of valve services, field machining and welding services throughout the world • Focus on innovation, education and identification to improve performance and equipment reliability • Complete valve repair on-site and in-house at CFM/VR[1]TESCO • Turn key valve support (outage and on-line) • Pre-outage planning • Project management • On-site and in-house machining at CFM/VR-TESCO • On-site and in-house welding and fabricating at CFM/VR-TESCO • Reverse engineering of a myriad of parts • Out team includes specialized valve techs, AOV techs, welders and fluid sealing technicians. What you will get in a relationship with CFM/VR-TESCO, is a company that has stayed in our lane. We have continued to focus on in-body valve repairs, in the field and through our basic and advanced in[1]house valve training program. You will get access to 150 men/women that are highly trained UNION craftsmen. Our goal – Safe, error free, with no re-work. We are a specialty company that has been able to keep a crew of Union Craftsmen together, and busy throughout North America. Our company is very interested in working with the Alliance Agreement, where our skillset fits. We are interested in providing discounted rates/volume incentive rebates, when and where warranted.

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