Anchor Coalition

Anchor Coalition is a community engagement NGO. Its mission is to build local resilience leading to sustainable communities by advancing clean energy technologies and promoting services that achieve water and energy efficiency in an integrated manner.  The Coalition is, and will be, comprised of local communities; stakeholders; educational, research, and international financial institutions; NGOs; sector trade associations; clean tech and water companies; global engineering firms; urban designers and planners; clean tech implementation experts; and system integrators.  Anchor, a project of The Ocean Foundation (a 501c3 organization), will develop the framework for combining and advancing both renewable technologies and equitable community development through project planning. This is in accord with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals and will help regions, such as Central Asia and the Southern African Development Community, through showcase projects in the Kyrgyz Republic and Zimbabwe, respectively, meet intended Nationally Determined Contributions as pledged in COP 21.


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