But, if we modernize the licensing process, hydropower has the potential to do so much more…

Only 3% of the nation’s existing dams
are equipped to generate power.

We can add nearly 5,000 MW to the grid by
adding hydropower to non-powered dams.…

We could also strengthen America’s energy
infrastructure by reinvesting in hydropower’s
aging fleet through efficiency upgrades.

Potential of over
6,000 MW in efficiency

Average federal facility age is 50 years


Today, there are over 140 hydropower
projects, representing over 18,000 MWs in the permitting process.

Without a process that is more timely, coherent and collaborative, we are leaving more hydropower and jobs on the sidelines.

Development of new and existing hydropower is hampered by conflicting priorities, overlapping agency authorities, and deferred decision making.

It shouldn’t take 10 years or more to license a facility…