August 24th is National Hydropower Day and We’re Planning Something Special…

National Hydropower Day is right around the corner, and this year we wanted to do something special to celebrate the undeniable contributions that hydropower provides to America’s clean energy future. So, on August 24th, we’re launching National Hydropower Day LIVE! on our Facebook page.

The virtual event will be  filled with live discussions with industry and government hydropower leaders, as well as informational content and videos. What better way to celebrate the day than by learning about hydropower’s role in bolstering the nation’s clean energy infrastructure, providing grid resiliency and reliability benefits, and enhancing environmental protections.

National Hydropower Day LIVE! Schedule

Noon EDT: Department of Energy to Kick Off NHD LIVE!

We are thrilled to announce the Department of Energy’s Alejandro Moreno, Director of the Water Power Tech Office, is kicking off National Hydropower Day LIVE! with the national research labs for a live discussion on “The Future of Hydro in a Rapidly Changing Grid: A DOE Perspective.”

WHEN: NOON, August 24th, 2020

WHERE: NHA’s Facebook Page:

1:00 PM EDT: “Reinvigorating Hydropower: A Coast to Coast Conversation”

Gil Quiniones, President & CEO of New York Power Authority (NYPA) and Steve Wright, General Manager of Chelan County PUD will discuss how to unleash the capabilities of hydropower for the next 30 years

WHEN: 1 pm EDT, August 24th, 2020

WHERE: NHA’s Facebook Page:


We are pleased to be live streaming the signing of a Federal Hydropower Generation Memorandum of Understanding by senior officials from the Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Department of Energy, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The MOU will reinforce the collaborative working relationship that aligns ongoing and future renewable energy development efforts between the three agencies

WHEN: 1:30 pm EDT, August 24th, 2020

WHERE: NHA’s Facebook Page:


Vincent Bryan, CEO, of Whooshh Innovation will be joining us for a live discussion to chat about their Fish Transport System, “the Salmon Cannon”, and the latest in fish passage tech for National Hydropower Day LIVE!

WHEN: 2 pm EDT, August 24th, 2020

WHERE: NHA’s Facebook Page:

2:30 PM EDT: “Innovations for Sustainable Hydropower in a Changing Climate”

Gia Schneider, Chief Executive Officer of Natel Energy will be discussing hydropower innovations to improve watershed resilience in the face of climate change and digital planning with accurate discharge and quality forecasts.

WHEN: 2:30 pm EDT, August 24th, 2020

WHERE: NHA’s Facebook Page:

3:00 PM EDT: “Looking Forward: Hydropower & State Clean Energy Policies”

Malcolm Woolf, NHA CEO, and Val Stori of Clean Energy States Alliance will be discussing how state clean energy policies (RPS & CES) treat hydropower, and the role it plays in helping states meet their emissions reduction and clean energy goals.

WHEN: 3:00 pm EDT, August 24th, 2020

WHERE: NHA’s Facebook Page:

About National Hydropower Day

For over 135 years, hydropower has powered this nation with clean, reliable energy. From the Industrial Revolution to World War II to growth of the tech sector, hydropower has powered American innovation and ingenuity.

National Hydropower Day, on August 24th, celebrates hydropower’s undeniable contributions to America’s clean energy infrastructure, electrical grid resiliency and reliability benefits, and environmental protections.

As the renewable resource that integrates the other renewables, like wind and solar, onto the grid, hydropower plays a critical role in America’s future.

On National Hydropower Day, tell your member of Congress that you support hydropower