TODAY is National Hydropower Day 2022

August 24th is National Hydropower Day 2022! For over 135 years, hydropower has fueled the nation with clean, renewable energy. To collectively recognize hydropower’s contributions to bolstering the nation’s clean energy infrastructure and providing grid resiliency and reliability, we’ve established August 24th as National Hydropower Day.

We invite you to join us in celebrating America’s original renewable energy source by posting to social media and amplifying the posts of our industry on this day. #HydroDay

WATCH NOW: National Hydropower Day 2022 Exclusive Interview with Secretary Jennifer Granholm

 NHA has secured a one-on-one interview with U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm in celebration of National Hydropower Day.

During the interview on August 24, Secretary Granholm will discuss the recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), as well as opportunities for hydropower, and more.

Tune-in here or on NHA’s Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook pages to watch the interview at 11:00 AM ET.

NHA’s CEO Malcolm Woolf Kicks Offs  National Hydropower Day 2022

WATCH NOW: National Hydropower Day 2022 Interview: “Small Hydro’s Big Impact” with Juliann Blanford of Nustreem

WATCH NOW: National Hydropower Day 2022 Interview: “A Conduit to Clean Energy” with Miriah Sorenson Elliott, Sorenson Engineering

WATCH NOW: National Hydropower Day 2022 Interview: “Building a reliable grid with pumped storage hydropower” with Michael Rooney, Rye Development


For NHD 2022, we’ve created a theme to help celebrate the day: Cleaner Communities. As an industry we know that hydropower is the second largest renewable in the U.S., yet the public isn’t as aware of the value hydropower provides as a climate solution, and role it plays in strengthening the health of our rivers.

As a carbon-free resource that has the added benefit of creating recreational opportunities, on this National Hydropower Day we invite you to share how hydropower is making your community cleaner.

If your organization is active on social media, we encourage you to post a message supporting National Hydropower Day 2022 using the hashtag: #HydroDay.

Make Your Voice Heard on National Hydropower Day

On NHD, we want you to voice your support for hydropower on social media! If your organization is active on social media, we encourage you to post a message supporting National Hydropower Day 2022 using the following hashtag: #HydroDay.

Communications Toolkit

To make the process as turnkey as possible, NHA has developed a Communications Toolkit which includes sample social media posts and a hydropower messaging guide. As we get closer to Hydropower Day, we will add more graphics and shareables, so check in often.

NHD 2022 Messaging Guide

To help you communicate on NHD 2022, please access our messaging guide for tips.

What else can we do on Hydropower Day?

In addition to being active on social media, we encourage you to:

  • Send a press release to your local reporters, tv and radio outlets.
  • Submit a letter to the editor to your local newspaper in support of National Hydropower Day.
  • Organize a media availability with local media to showcase your hydropower facility.
  • Invite your congressional delegation to tour your facility while they are in their home district! For questions on inviting your Senator or Representative, please contact Kelly Rogers at 

National Hydropower Day 2021

Last year, NHD 2021 was a success. Working with key stakeholders, we held a number of events to celebrate the day.

NHD 2021: NHA’s Interview with David Turk
Deputy Secretary,
U.S. Department of Energy

In celebration of Hydropower Day, NHA’s Malcolm Woolf will be interviewing U.S. Department of Energy Deputy Secretary David Turk on hydropower’s role in our clean energy future.


NHD 2021: DOE Office of Electricity National Hydropower Day Q&A Panel

DOE Office of Electricity National Hydropower Day Q&A session w/Administrators from Western Area Power Administration, B0nneville Power Administration, Southwestern Power Administration & Southeastern Power Administration.


NHD 2021 – Protecting Our Existing Fleet

On National #Hydropower Day, it’s important to recognize our existing fleet. Over the next decade, 13 gigawatts of hydropower is at risk. Learn more about what that means for our climate & powering homes. #HydroDay


NHD 2021: Welcome to National Hydropower Day!

It’s National #Hydropower Day! Let’s honor the nation’s first renewable resource that provides clean, carbon-free energy to roughly 30 million Americans, and 35 percent of the United States’ overall renewable electricity. #HydroDay


On National Hydropower Day, tell your member of Congress that you support hydropower