Waterpower Week 2022

April 5th - April 7th Washington, DC

Save the date! The industry’s premier policy event, Waterpower Week 2022, will take place April 5-7, 2022 at the Capital Hilton in Washington, D.C.

Save the Date!

Waterpower Week 2022 will be held at the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC on April 5-7.

Waterpower Week is the industry’s premier policy event.

This event provides a once-a-year opportunity for those in the North American hydro industry to focus specifically on the regulatory, policy, markets, and legislative aspects of their work. It’s also an important time to hear from and connect with others who affect the industry – regulators, resource agencies, and river and environmental communities.

Who Attends

Within the Waterpower Industry:

  • Hydro Asset Owners
    • Regulatory Staff
    • Senior Executives
    • Power Marketing Staff
    • Legal Staff
    • Communications/Public Affairs Staff
    • Washington, D.C. Lobbyists
  • Developers of New Waterpower Projects
  • Companies who provide regulatory- and licensing-related services to asset owners
  • Companies who provide hydro-related services and/or products whose customers and potential customers are affected by regulations

Beyond the Waterpower Industry:

  • Congressional Policy Makers
  • Federal and State Regulators
  • Federal and State Resource Agencies
  • Tribes interfacing with hydropower
  • Power Marketing Administrations (PMAs) and RTOs/ISOs
  • Non-governmental Organizations
    • Conservation Groups
    • River Community
    • Fishing interests
    • Climate Solutions/Clean Energy Groups
  • Media/Press