Path to Clean Energy Presents: Pairing Batteries & Hydropower: Clean Energy’s Untapped Solution

March 11th Virtual

Join us on March 11th at 2:00 pm EDT for the National Hydropower Association’s Path to Clean Energy Virtual Event, “Pairing Batteries & Hydropower: Clean Energy’s Untapped Solution”, hosted in partnership with the Energy Storage Association.

At this virtual event, panelists will explore the value streams of collocating batteries and hydropower. Pairing these technologies together has the potential enhance grid reliability services, environment performance, and O&M costs. Panelists will also discuss new market services that could be established, as well as examine the findings of a current project that has successfully paired hydropower and batteries together.  

Energy storage technologies are poised to form the foundation of tomorrow’s carbon-free electricity. Storage technologies like batteries and thermal are growing exponentially year-over-year, while pumped storage hydropower represents 93 percent of utility-scale storage in America. Separately, these technologies are helping to integrate variable renewables like wind and solar onto the gird, and accelerating the nation’s efforts to decarbonize. 


Moderator: Malcolm Woolf, President & CEO, National Hydropower Association
Panel 1:
  • Marc Chupka Vice President, Research & Programs, Energy Storage Association
  • Dr. Thomas Mosier is the Energy Systems Group Lead, Idaho National Laboratory
Panel 2:
  • Asa Hopkins, Vice President, Synapse Energy Economics
  • Jens Paeutz, Marketing Director, ANDRITZ HYDRO Corp.
  • Darron Scott, President &CEO, Kodiak Electric Association


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