8.21.19 WIC/DOE’s Hydropower Webinar Series: Solid State Processing

August 21st - August 21st

NHA members, the Waterpower Innovation Council has joined with the DOE in presenting the Department of Energy’s Hydropower R&D Highlights Webinar Series. Our next webinar presents Solid State Processing with Ken Ross of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on Wednesday, August 21st, 2019, from 2:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

In summary, Mr. Ross will present on the benefits of solid-state processing in hydropower.  Most metal hydropower components are made and repaired using materials and techniques dating back 50+ years ago. The goal of this project is to kick start the US hydropower industry’s use of solid-state processes to dramatically enhance the performance and service life of new and repaired hydropower components. The project will generate performance data to demonstrate that dramatic improvements in cavitation erosion resistance can be obtained using solid-state processes.

Please be sure to join us in viewing this informative presentation!

Note: This webinar series is only available to NHA members. Information to access the webinar is mailed to NHA members. If you did not receive an email containing instructions for accessing the webinar, please contact at Luciana@hydro.org.

Schedule of future webinars within the Dept. of Energy’s Hydropower R&D Highlights Webinar Series:

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10.16.2019 – Sensor Fish Mini Testing – Natel – Daniel Deng

11.20.2019 – Integrated Hydropower Storage System – Idaho National Laboratory – Thomas Mosier

12.18.2019 – Hydro Fleet Intelligence – Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Brennan Smith