The President’s Award

The President’s Award

This prestigious award is given to a member company that has blazed new pathways to strengthen and invigorate the hydropower industry. The award is presented every three years at the NHA Annual Conference, usually held in Washington, D.C.

President’s Award 2009 Given to Hydro Green Energy

In 2009, The National Hydropower Association bestowed its prestigious President’s Award on Hydro Green Energy, LLC.

Hydro Green Energy’s project in Hastings, Minnesota, represented the first commercially licensed hydrokinetic facility in the United States. This project has opened the door to a whole new range of technologies and applications in the hydro sector. It marked a great step for Hydro Green Energy and a great milestone for our industry. The project also demonstrated that hydropower facilities of all sizes can offer important economic, energy, and environmental benefits.

Hydro Green Energy put its hydrokinetic power system in the water near Hastings, Minnesota, in January 2009, just a few weeks after the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved the project’s license by a 5‐0 vote. The company partnered with the City of Hastings on the project, which is downstream from an existing 4.4‐megawatt run‐of‐river hydropower plant at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Lock & Dam No. 2 on the Mississippi River. Hastings is the only hydrokinetic power project in the United States that supplies electricity to the power grid.

President’s Award 2006 Given to Verdant Power

In 2006, The National Hydropower Association bestowed its prestigious President’s Award on Verdant Power.

Verdant Power deployed underwater turbines in New York City’s East River. The tidal energy project, located near the United Nations building, was planned to have the capacity of up to 10 MW. The company was and is also involved in other major projects: California’s Aqueducts & Canals Energy (ACE) Project; Canada’s Corwall, Ontario River Energy (CORE) Project; UK’s European Marine Energy Center (EMEC) Project, and other soon to be announced—all leading toward commercialization.

Verdant Power’s tremendous vision of the future, and enthusiasm to make that vision a reality garnered the company the award.

President’s Award 2003 Given to Reliant Energy (now Brookfield Renewable Power)

In 2003, The National Hydropower Association bestowed its prestigious President’s Award on Reliant Energy (now Brookfield Renewable Power).

Reliant Energy was the first ever recipient of the President’s Award. Reliant Energy exhibited boldness and leadership in the industry, especially in their Oswegatchie Hydro Redevelopment Project, taking a risk and using innovative technologies to redevelop an inoperable plant in less than eighteen months. Reliant Energy set an example for the entire hydropower industry, showing the importance of taking risks, having courage, and the success it can yield in the form of a new hydropower plant.