2009 Winners

  • In the late 1990s the New York Power Authority (NYPA) embarked on what was to become one of largest and most successful collaborative relicensing processes ever attempted at its St. Lawrence-FDR hydroelectric project. As part of its relicensing collaborative, NYPA is constructing lake sturgeon spawning beds to increase opportunities for natural reproduction.

In spring 2008, Puget Sound Energy completed construction of a new floating surface collector (FSC) for the passage of downstream-migrating juvenile salmonids at the Baker River Hydroelectric Project in Washington state.

Vernon Station, one of New England’s most historically significant hydropower developments, will mark its first centennial of operation in 2009. TransCanada recently completed a major re-powering project to ensure that the Station will continue its role as a significant source of clean, renewable energy to the New England power market in the 21st century.

The Lower Yuba River Accord (Yuba Accord) concludes a 20-year California controversy and enables the Yuba County Water Agency to successfully operate the Yuba River Development Project for hydropower, irrigation, flood control, recreation and fisheries benefits — all in an innovative manner that surpasses the projects’ original requirements.