In Your Region

Hydropower is helping to keep the lights on in every U.S. state. The top-ten hydropower generating states are:

  1. Washington
  2. Oregon
  3. New York
  4. California
  5. Alabama
  6. Tennessee
  7. Montana
  8. Idaho
  9. North Carolina
  10. Arizona
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Hydropower is Helping Business Thrive

More and more of America’s top companies are moving their operations, building new facilities and creating jobs in areas close to hydropower resources. The reasons for this trend are clear: renewable hydropower provides its customers one of the most affordable and reliable sources of electricity in America, while boosting corporate sustainability and certainty in a carbon-constrained world.

  • Clean, abundant hydropower helps fuel the Internet – Yahoo

    Major internet companies like Yahoo require large, -intensive data centers to drive their business. In September 2010, the company opened a new facility in Lockport, New York that will utilize hydropower provided by utility NYPA. The facility is setting the standard for the IT industry in both green design and renewable electricity.

  • Affordable hydropower brings advanced cleantech jobs to rural America – BMW

    Low-cost and sustainable hydropower lured major car manufacturer BMW to Moses Lake, WA. Breaking ground on the new facility in July 2010, the new plant, a joint venture with SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers, will manufacture parts for BMW’s new high-tech electric car, set to launch by 2015. Columbia River-generated power is bringing manufacturing jobs and economic growth to the town of 20,000.

  • Expanding U.S. Manufacturing

    3M is undergoing a $32 million expansion at its Home Products Division in Tonawanda, NY. Employing nearly 400 workers in the manufacture of cellulose sponges, the company’s growth is being partly enabled by its recently approved 1,000 kilowatt allocation of low-cost New York state hydropower.

  • “Green-to-Green”: Renewable hydropower and solar cell manufacturing – Globe Metallurgical

    In November 2009, Buffalo, New York’s Globe Metallurgical completed a $27 million renovation of a plant that will produce the purified silicon needed to manufacture solar cells. As New York Governor David Patterson put it, “The idea of leveraging hydropower to produce solar power is the first in the country.” Globe Metallurgical intends to invest another $35 million in this “green-to-green” facility.

  • Expanding energy-intensive data storage with clean, affordable hydropower – Microsoft

    Low-cost and low-emission hydropower can claim much credit for making central Washington state – best known for potato production – a high-tech hub. Microsoft is on the leading edge of the trend, opening a major data center in the town of Quincy. Along with two other companies’ data centers, Microsoft’s facility has generated an additional $8-10 million in sales tax revenue to support community services.

  • Lower electric bills for companies mean a better deal for their customers – GEICO Corporation

    U.S. auto insurance giant GEICO Corporation is utilizing 1.6 million megawatt hours of low-cost hydropower in Amherst, NY. The company’s agreement with the Empire State Development and the New York Power Authority will save GEICO $1.75 million on its electric bill through 2013. These hydropower savings are helping the company to add 300 jobs to its Western New York business center.

  • Hydropower helps create an Innovation District and green high-performance computing – MIT, Cisco, EMC, Boston University and the University of Massachusetts

    Three of the country’s leading research universities, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University and the University of Massachusetts partnered with tech companies EMC and Cisco to fund and build the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center in Holyoke, MA. Why Holyoke in western Massachusetts? Hydropower. The center is taking advantage of renewable, low-cost hydropower to run the green facility. The center is also the base for a revitalizing innovation district, set to attract a slew of high-tech companies taking advantage of the center that will revitalize an industrial city and create long-lasting 21st century jobs.