Promoting Hydropower’s Role in our Energy Future

NHA supports an inclusive approach in the treatment of hydropower under all renewable energy or clean energy programs and encourages continued dialogue on how the benefits of hydropower can be better recognized and valued under such policies.

  • DOE Hydropower Vision Report: In partnership with the Department, develop a report and roadmap that highlights hydropower’s benefits and promotes the value of hydropower resources, encourages the development of new projects, and the preservation of the existing system.
  • EPA Clean Power Plan: Highlight the critical role of all water power technologies (hydropower, pumped storage and marine and hydrokinetic) in meeting the goal to reduce U.S. carbon emissions and the importance of  including all these resources as compliance options toward that end.
  • Quadrennial Energy and Technology Reviews: Promote the transmission and grid services of hydropower and pumped storage and the clean energy benefits of all water power technologies.