Hydropower has a rich history and an exciting future.

Operating around the country for over a century, hydropower helped make America the economic powerhouse it is today. Now, it can help transform the economy once more through a readily available, reliable supply of clean energy, the expansion of which can create over one million U.S. jobs.

Hydropower accounts for 52 percent of U.S. renewable electricity generation, a resource that is powering American homes and businesses in every state from coast-to-coast. Hydropower projects themselves show similar diversity and include small installations in irrigation canals and projects that draw power from river flows without using dams.

With only a small portion of the nation’s dams currently producing electricity, adding generation equipment to existing infrastructure is part of accessing vast reserves of untapped hydro capacity in the U.S. New technologies can also access that potential, driving sustainable growth and economic opportunity.

  • Our existing dam infrastructure offers huge potential to grow electric generating capacity through modernizing and powering existing dams.

  • Hydropower is a proven reliable energy resource that is also spurring new innovation and technology development. From new turbine applications and designs to enhanced operational regimes, the industry is developing a number of exciting advancements.

  • The nation’s first hydropower plant began operations more than a century ago, and the technology remains a vital part of America’s success.

  • Frequently Asked Questions about the hydropower industry.

  • From regulation to tax policy to federal energy legislation, the right suite of reforms can help hydropower grow America’s supply of clean, low-cost energy.