Whooshh™ Innovations, headquartered in Bellevue, WA USA has launched an entirely new system for moving fish over dams, at hatcheries, and through fish handling facilities, that is far less costly and far more versatile than traditional systems. As a result, the Whooshh systems can be a catalyst, both for re-licensing and new investment, in a wide range of low head and high head hydro-power projects.

The Whooshh Transport Conduits™ re-invent fish passage. By quickly, yet gently, transporting live fish of varying sizes up and over low and high head dams and other barriers, all at a favorable price point, projects which were impossible or prohibitively costly, become viable.  Your operational and maintenance costs are also reduced.

Permanent, seasonal, and mobile systems are available depending on the project requirements. Ideally suited for both volitional entry fish passage and live fish handling facilities, Whooshh Innovations can solve your fish passage problem.