Steward Machine has had a successful history since 1900 and is a multiple generation family-owned business engaged in full service custom manufacturing. These functions include design, engineering, manufacturing and testing of highly specialized equipment and components for use in a wide range of industries. With multiple locations we have more than 290,000 square feet of manufacturing space, a century of experience, 500 tons of lifting capacity and large CNC machinery. We offer complete turnkey responsibility by detailing shop drawings, fabricating, welding, stress relieving, machining, gear cutting and assembling in-house. Steward Machine Co., Inc. is certified by AISC to the highest standard for fracture critical endorsement. We have been supplying the hydroelectric industry for over century manufacturing tainter gates, draft tube gates, intake gates, gate hoist, turbine equipment, turbine runners, wicket gates, trash gate hoist, spillway gate hoist, spillway radial gate hoist, retarding cylinders, bearing housing and head covers.  We are also the largest manufacturer of moveable bridge machinery in the world as well as a leading supplier in the lock and dam, heavy industrial equipment and machinery, defense, aerospace, sewage and waste industries. To learn more please visit our website at