Louis Berger’s Power and Energy team specializes in navigating the regulatory processes associated with hydropower developments. Our primary goals are to help our clients make informed decisions and effectively manage the licensing and compliance processes for their projects from start to finish. Louis Berger is fully committed to increasing the role of hydropower as a clean and renewable energy source. With our knowledge of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC’s) policies and regulations and our regional and national involvement on hydro projects, we bring strategic vision to help plan our client’s projects and provide cost effective, progressive solutions to the full suite of licensing, relicensing, and compliance challenges.

Our team includes highly skilled technical professionals:

  • Hydropower development and licensing experts
  • Hydrologists, fish and wildlife biologists, ecologists, and geologists
  • Environmental planners and landscape architects
  • Archaeologists, anthropologists, and cultural resources specialists
  • Graphics and GIS specialists
  • Editors and web-based communications specialists