J.F. Brennan Company (Brennan) is a marine construction and environmental remediation company that provides quality services throughout the inland waters of the United States.   Everything we do takes place in and around the water, and as a result we have the right people, equipment, and programs necessary to mitigate associated risks.  This begins with our world-class safety program which is strategically designed to look forward, not backwards, to identify areas of improvement.  All of our crews are comprised of marine professionals; individuals who have the necessary experience and ability to deliver high-quality results while maintaining a cohesive atmosphere.

Brennan provides both above and below water structural and mechanical services on every part of the dam, including concrete, gates, fish passages, penstocks, draft tubes, trash racks, scour areas, cofferdams, pile driven structures, and more.  We self-perform the majority of our work, which enables us to provide our clients with innovative thinking and solutions to complex problems during both the design and construction phases of their projects.