Located in Roseville California we design, engineer and manufacture the Helios PowerBall and PowerWheel. These proprietary micro-hydro systems are designed for low head (20 feet or less) and flat flowing water installations (6 f/s or greater). The units deliver years of reliable clean power from virtually any moving water. The units are the first suspended hydroelectric generation devices, which results in simple and low-impact installations. The HeliosAltas patented design provides exclusive features such as the ability to shed silt and debris, and to automatically extract from the water during unusually high flows. The units can be installed to allow full aquatic passage.

Using a simple, elegant and proven water wheel concept combined with sophisticated modeling and advanced power electronics, the PowerBall and PowerWheel line of micro hydro devices are sized from 100 W to 50 kW and larger. With suitable flow conditions multiple PowerBall units can be placed in parallel and/or series to produce aggregated blocks of multi MW power. PowerBalls are offered in standard sizes from 100W to 2 kW. PowerWheels are semi-custom designed for applications of 5 to 50 kW or greater to meet the specific needs of commercial and industrial users and power developers.

The modular design requires little to no civil infrastructure, allowing for fast, low cost installations. The units are perfect devices to generate renewable energy credits from an existing hydro system.